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Re: [glosalist] Re: Errors in 18 Steps (sydpidd@...) on June 20, 2007

it is not really clear who is in charge of glosa as many of its founders are no longer with us, others have other problems etc.

I don’t know if this would help - here is a proposition :- the pronunciation of g is supposed to be phonetic but one or two puzzling
exceptions have crept in from english. the problem has been solved for us by the international phonetics association/alphabet. I propose that all the letters in g are poronounced as in ipa - “x” now
becomes like the german/scots etc “ch”, q becomes a variety of “k” and we
specifically write the following “w” sound as “u” - “qu” will sound reasonably like the english version.

so that is a proposition made by syd pidd, obviously he will vote for it, it has a vote of +1 any more votes for or against?


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