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Re:Errors in 18 Steps

Hal Jordon (Hal Jordon <didymus857@...>) on June 9, 2007

I agree that while the language itself is a great achievement and very well thought out, the basic manual has some failings. I would like to create a better manual if possible and have started to work on that. I would like also to (re)-create the audio file for samples of the language. I would need some help with that as I am not 100% sure of my own pronunciation.

There is a multimedia program for learning Esperanto the would be a very useful tool to get training material out for Glosa. It is called Kurso de esperanto. and I think you can get the framework of it and change it to Glosa.

The only problem I have and it is minor, if the way the numbers below 100 are called without the ten or deka. I mean 37 is tri seti and not trideka seti. For consistency I think it should be the latter.



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