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Re: New version of Gish

Roy Fullmer ("Roy Fullmer" <ernobe@...>) on April 15, 2007

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I’= ve uploaded a new version with exact reproduction of untranslated text = and better capitalization. Capitalized words are translated as capital= ized Glosa words, and all capital letter words are translated as all ca= pital letter Glosa words.

Hello Roy, I have only recently jointed the= Glosa group - would you please give me some info re Gish and how I can = gain access? Regards, David J P.

It depends on your operating system= . If you have Windows, you can download the program at nobe/ . This is a commandline program, which means you need access= to the shell. At present I use Debian Linux so I wouldn’t know exactly ho= w you should go about gaining access to your shell, if you have Windows. W= indows or Linux users, and generally anyone who wants to use the program sh= ould follow the instructions at .htm .

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