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Re: [glosalist] Re: Activity

Jay Sistar (Jay Sistar <jaysistar@...>) on February 7, 2007

I’m sure that the new audio files would be much better than any existing audio material that I have heard.


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I think that would indeed be a good idea. The few mp3 files that are availabe were far from ideal and most of them were hard to hear and understand.

I am working on a different text book and some translations also. I don’t know if they will be any better than any others but I’d like to help and I needed a new writing project.

I would like to find out more about the Glosa organization as far as approval, decisions and suggestions about the language. I have seen several very active members in this list as I slowly read through the backlog of message, but I am still unsure as to who has the final say. I have several questions I’d like to get definitive answers to.

I guess we could make some audio files, post them and see what everyone thinks.

Poli saluta, Tom

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Re: [glosalist] Re: Activity - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.