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finally got the file converted.

Hal Jordon ("Hal Jordon" <didymus857@...>) on January 29, 2007

It took me longer than expected but I go the file converted to the
Superm= emo program format for the Palm OS.

I wanted to ask some question that may= have already been answered in the list so far but I have only made it up = to the 200 range. So I apologize in advance for repeating…

Is the langu= age set as it is not except for vocabulary changes?

Is there a reason the = ten or deka is not used in numbers greater than 10? like 16 - deka sixa o= r 45 - tetra deka pen? I ask because it is used that way for hundred in t= he material I have read. 200 is bi hekto. So 231 is bi hekto tri mo, n= ot bi hekto tri deka mo. It is a bit longer but I think clearer. The way = it is now is not similar to other languages and not intuitive. Also I thin= k it might be confusing with large numbers.

Has anyone heard of the “Kur= so de Esperanto’ Program? Take a look. azo/index.php?en

I think it would be easy and useful to attempt to create = a version for Glosa. All you have to do I contact the author I think, for =

permission. And make the files and audio. Not that difficult.

Is the Plu = Glosa Nota still being printed/published?

What is being done to increase a= wareness of Glosa?

Anything I can do to help?

And i am running out of tim= e, So I will send this out now…


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finally got the file converted. - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.