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Re: [glosalist] Wow! Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) (sydpidd@...) on August 29, 2006

Perhaps NSM might have some connection with some thoughts branching from
Glosa, I had a little while ago about IALs . , I was working on a vocabulary
that might be useful. I started with 16 consonants and 5 vowels and turned them
into 80 syllables all of them being CV and numbered from 0 to 79

This automatically excluded clusters that could be difficult to pronounce by some speakers. First, I used the Roget’s Thesaurus of Penguin Books. in this book’s index, words have a number which is divided by 80 until the result is less than 80; as one divides, one gets a series of fractions or remainders i.e 717 gives 8 77 which would give “cozu” for “peace” However I was worried about copyright and could get no reply to any enquiries so I tried a method of my own:- meanings were repeatedly divided into 3 - concrete(27)/ abstract(18)/ neither, both or unknown(9) concrete would lead to animate(9)/ inanimate(6)/neither,both or unknown(3); animate could lead to plant(2), animal(1) n,b or u(0). add the numbers 27+9+1=37 the word so far would be c7 and v2 =”je” or each category could be 0 to 79 leading to a further category of 0 to 79.

posi NSM posi habe plu nexi ko plu puta ke pa rami ab glosa , mi pa habe u pusi tem pre de plu IAL . , mi pa ergo epi u verba-lista ke posi es ko uti . mi pa sti ko 16 konsono e 5 vokali e pa tropi mu ad-in 80 silabi panto de mu pa es CV e ko plu nume ab 0 a 79

u-ci pa automati exklude plu fa ke pa-pote es no-facili te soni ex plu de u dice pe . proto , mi pa uti u Roget Thesaurus de Penguin Books”. in u-ci bibli indexi , plu verba du habe u nume qi du gene divide ex 80 a-kron u seqe es mei de 80; ka pe du divide , pe du gene u seri de plu ratio alo resta i.e
717 du dona 8 77 qi du dona “cozu” pro “peace” anti-co mi du es ge vexa de copyright e pa-pote gene no reakti a uno qestio so mi pa tenta u metodi de u mi auto :- plu semani pa ge itera gene divide ad-in 3 - betoni (27)/ abstrakti (18)/ ni , ambi alo ne ge ski (9) betoni sio age duce a vive (9)/ ge ne vive (6)/ ni , ambi alo ne ski (3); ge vive pa-pote age duce a fito (2), animali zoa (1) n,b alo u(0). adi
plu nume 27+9+1=37 u verba so tele sio es C7 e V2 =”je” alo singu kategori pa-pote es 0 a 79 qi age duce a u tele kategori de 0 a 79.

might perhaps help somehow >


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