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n1954mi ("n1954mi" <nick0000@...>) on May 22, 2006

To Robin G.

But the whole situation shows the large problem with Glosa

as a solution to the world communication puzzle. So far, we cannot fi= nd a solution to the letter question: by what means can we relate the wr= iting of Glosa with all the other systems of writing that the world offe= rs? Is there a solution to this problem?]

I’ve just thought about it. Wh= at about automatic translation Glosa <-> Esperanto? It seems to me the resu= lt would be more acceptable, then when we have to deal with national uneasy= languages.

Say me true, why you are not speak or write Esperanto? Is ther= e something ugly in it?

If you know Glosa, why not Esperanto? The way is s= hot.


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