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Re: [glosalist] capitals

John Avis (John Avis <jhnavis@...>) on April 12, 2006

sydpidd@… wrote:

1] i am inclined to leave out caps altogether as do hindi urdu etc 2] there has been some discussion on them in glosa but their use seems to be very vague start sentence with one “proper” nouns do but what exactly is “proper” what happens if the first word is the head of a noun phrase and is also proper? or other combinations i think head capital is a good idea. could you tell me the precise and clear rules for their use? syd

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The rules I mentioned were of Interglossa, not Glosa. I do not know whether Glosa has inherited them. Interglossa seems to have used an initial capital letter for the head word in verb phrases as well. The rule is on page 39 of Hogben’s book which you can access from the Glosa website. Find ‘external links’ - ‘William Patterson’ and on that line you will find a link to Interglossa book.

Saluta, John Avis

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