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Re: [glosalist]from plantlife (sydpidd@...) on April 6, 2006

yes - I have a program I wrote in visual basic - I write in my version of
glosa grammar using english words modified i.e. the/a/an becomes th or if plural ths and put it all through my version of the dictionary and it comes out in
glosa as below which i was just about to send:-

We could have people working on different approaches to glosa methods and have them used. We could then let natural selection chose and alter them. I suspect that when anyone hears a sentence or group of them, they are
sorted in the brain into structures like general/universal grammars from their own and in my method they are then sorted into a glosa structure. Different
people will think in different ways. Some people are new to Glosa and need its
structureto be very clear others will be able to shorten things. The verb “es”
is an example. I have suggested “ du es” is used for the present tense but as
“es” is very unlikely to be anything but a verb, “es” alone would be quite
ckear. However, this adds one more rule to be learned and the more variants we allow, the more difficult the learning becomes. I shall try to make my method very basic so that some sort of acceptable translation is easily possible. I see no reason to avoid references to grammar as anyone learning another language is likely to be able to cope. Whether we wish to admit it or not we can all work with a granmmar from an early age

mi fu tenta te face u mi metodi fo basi funda so ke plu sorta de u cepti
translati du es facili posi .mi du vide no kausa te evita plu refere a gramatika
ka uno-pe qi du gene_ski u hetero lingua du es probabili te habe pote te vikto .si na du volu te konfesi permito id alo ne na panto pote te ergo ko u gramatika ab u pre-kron eva na posi habe plu demo te ergo ko plu hetero puta de plu glosa metodi e te uti plu metodi .na posi po-co lase u fisika natura elekti te elekti e te muta mu mi du kredi ke kron uno-pe du audi u frase alo u grega de mu ,mu du gene sorta in u cerebra in plu struktura homo plu generali universa gramatika ab u mu auto e in u mi metodi mu du po-co gene sorta ad-in u glosa struktura . plu hetero demo fu puta in plu hetero via .plu demo du es neo a u glosa e du nece u id struktura te es fo klari plu hetero fu es pote te brevi plu ra .u akti-verbi “es”du es u exempla .mi pa sugesti “ du es* te gene uti pro u nu-tem tem sed ka “es” du es fo ne probabili te es uno-ra sed u akti-verbi so “es” solita sio es holo klari .anti-co anti-co ,u-ci du adi mo ma regula te
gene-ski e u ma plu varia na du lase ,u ma no-facili u gene-ski du gene-es

the english is a bit stiff/pompous etc so the glosa is too - shall have to
work on my style

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