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Re: [glosalist] sort nof tutor

William T. Branch ("William T. Branch" <bill@...>) on April 5, 2006

Yeah, that’s some strange stuff. Although after some thought it makes sense from an English speaker’s perspective. There is an English idiom “bought off” meaning “bribed”. It is used in a sentence like this, “I bought off the officer to get out of the traffic ticket”. Less often the word “buy” is also used directly as a synonym for bribe. “The skating judges were bought”.

“ransom” in the list for “merka” also caught me off guard. The umbrella concept here seems to be to exchange money for something. There are no implications of ethical legitimacy or property rights in the word as in all the English equivalents. bill sydpidd@… wrote:

hello bill thanks for “fortuna”, shall do something about it in my personal

  • have you looked at “bribe” and “buy/sell”!? - the idea of having a
    very small set of words to learn was a good one but as with everything, there are problems syd

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