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Re: [glosalist]from plantlife (sydpidd@...) on April 4, 2006

np damasonium alisma vp is ns feature of np village pond during np century . one time , it vp get wide scatter across np mud margin of np pond in much ge- graze common land . now, this tiny flower v get think te is extinct in np many county - and where it v still grow in ns wild, it vp get reduce to only ns hand full of np site . ns damasonium alisma is ns one example of how ns plantlife international v work te save ns wild flower of we most in danger. at quves pond in buckinghamshire, for example, ns damasonium population vp revive with drama after ns absence of it in np 33 year , ns plant vp return in 2004 after ns work ge- do by plantlife international and np partner of we .

U Damasonium alisma pa es u gravi-mero de plu viki stagna durante tem plu hekto-anua . Mo tem, id pa gene lati difusi trans plu limi margina de plu stagna in mega ge-razo fago vora komuni landa . Nu-tem, u-ci pusi flori du gene puta te es extinkti in plu poli mero-landa e qo-lo id du a-nu kresce in u agrio, id pa gene reduce a solo u manu ple de plu loka . U Damasonium alisma es u mo exempla de qo-mode u Plantlife Internatio du ergo te salva plu agrio flori de na e maxi in risko . a Queves stagna in Buckinghamshire, pro exempla, u damasonium demo popula pa revive ko drama po u absenti de id in plu ultima 33 anua . U fito pa versi in 2004 po u ergo ge-akti ex Plantlife Internatio e plu asocia de na .

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