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Re: [glosalist] Buying 18 steps

Robin Fairbridge Gaskell (Robin Fairbridge Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on March 3, 2006

Hi Bill, I suspect not. The little booklet has illustrations, and this made it difficult in the early days of Glosa promotion to reproduce it electronically.

     If I had one, I'd now scan it and send it to you as an  attachment, but no such luck.  It is educationally primitive in its  teaching method, but there has been nothing else produced.  I did  research into superior language teaching books, and should have  stopped everything else, and had a go.  However, instead, I got  sucked into pointless, endless discussions on Glosa vocabulary.  What  a waste of time and opportunity.

     I suggest that while you are waiting for "18 Steps" to reach  you via snail-mail, or for someone with a a scanner to copy it and  email it to you, you could hunt down my Seminar #1 and Seminar #2.

     I am quite pleasantly surprised by the current rush of  philosophical discussion on Glosa, but it is about ten years too late  for me.  For reasons of bad economics, I am spending most of my time  now racking my brain as to how I might start generating wealth again,  to allow me to get on with my retirement.

     Maybe my e-Book on music will take off, and I can stop  worrying so much about money.


Robin Gaskell

At 10:27 AM 2/28/06, you wrote:


Does anyone know if its possible to buy a copy of the 18 steps to learning Glosa without going through snail mail?


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