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Re: Adding Glosa to

William T. Branch ("William T. Branch" <bill@...>) on February 22, 2006

Karo Robin

Mi fu bali plu item mi grafo; a na grega.

My first Item is goi= ng to be submitted to I noticed that Glosa does not have a b= abel text sample there. Being that my Glosa is currently horrible, and per = your request, I’m first running it by everyone on the list. I’m sure it has= several syntax errors in it.

I’m still confused about sentence structure= , since I don’t think to much about it in English. I am not very good at En= glish parts of speech.

I did try to re-order the words to fit the formats= laid out in the several grammars referenced from the English front page at=

I plan on submitting it in about a week after making any corre= ctions.

Well here it is:

— In, Robin Fairbr= idge Gaskell <drought-breaker@…> wrote:

Karo Bill, Place grafo u= n itema pro Wikipedia.

Bali id a na grega pre tu don id ad u Wikped= ia, te gene u maxi beneficia ex plu kontribu de na plu membra.

B= oni kogita!


Robin Gaskell

At 10:33 AM 2/19/06, yo= u wrote:

I was thinking about translating some wikis at to=

Glosa today as an exercise to continue studying Glosa. I found that

the language is not represented there even though both Esperanto and Ido= has a presence.

Does anyone know if any requests to add Glosa to th= e site have been submitted? If so, what were the results?

If not,= I may try submit for the inclusion of Glosa.

Here are some relevant= links: htt= p://

It= seems from the above links that they are aware of the existence of Glos= a already and on writer has expressed a little surprise at the lack of G= losa presence on the site.


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