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Re: Mi gene sko de Glosa..

stefichjo ("stefichjo" <sts@...>) on January 15, 2006

However, Stephen, I detect that you expect lenguages to have complexity, a= nd I suspect that this is a part of your reason for liking Latejami.


Hm. You’re certainly right. I like complexity and Latejami is complex. = Yet I think complexity is necessary, since it’s what grammar is made of. Fo= r an IAL we have to try and find a grammar with only a few complexity, but = complexity will be there as long there is grammar.

Needless to say, some = people object to Glosa claiming that it is simply English sentence structur= e with a changed vocabulary. Of course, I would not have stayed with Glosa = were that the case. Whether we will ever get an International Auxiliary Lan= guage adopted officially for planet Earth, I don’t know. It is my expectati= on that I will be joining Ron - on the other side - before the world is rea= dy to use an IAL. So, Glosa could just be an experiment before its time.

s= ts: I expect Glosa to be complex as well. Maybe it’s so easy to learn that = many people may not need to learn it’s grammar? In either case =96 thank yo= u so far!

Regards, Stephan

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