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Re: [glosalist]make glosa sentence 1 (sydpidd@...) on December 25, 2005

‘we want to make a sentence in glosa’ ‘we n want te make th sentence of th glosa’ ‘na nu volu te face u frase de u glosa’

‘we’; indicate/earlyflow/subject/noun phrase/more than one/plural number ‘na’ also= ‘our/us’ - there could be confusion but here it is before the verb - subject=’we’

‘n want’; inform/controlflow/verb phrase/present time/now ‘na volu’ could = ‘our wish’, ‘volu’ is a noun. if we always use ‘pa, fu, nu, du te’ for verbs and always ‘u,plu’ for nouns, there would be no doubt ‘u na volu pa ….. ‘

‘te make’; inform/controlflow/verb phrase/no time/infinitive/

‘th sentence’; inform/lateflow/noun phrase/one/singular number

‘of th glosa’; inform/part of lateflow/prep phrase adds precision to
sentence/ adjective phrase [th glosa] part of prep phrase/noun phrase/one/singular

some glosa-pe would consider the nu te u not needed but people just starting or with other languages might find these redundant. however, i and others sometimes find glosa difficult to understand and the extra help could be very valuable

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