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stefichjo ("stefichjo" <sts@...>) on December 16, 2005

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself:

My name is Stephan Schneider, I’m 25,= I’m studing computer science and I’m loving music and languages. I have l= earnt Esperanto when I was 18. I have also taken a look at Interlingua and= I’m currently working on a Germanic auxilary language in the Folkspraak-y= ahoo-list. I have also learnt Russian, Latin, Klingon and Japanese, and I = have done some lessons in Sindarin. (And I have learnt the “easier” langua= ges English, French, Spanish and Italian as well). I’m from Berlin, German= y.

Boni horo de Kristo nati!

Plu saluta, Stephan Schneider

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