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Re: [glosalist] a universal grammar ish ?? 2 (sydpidd@...) on December 5, 2005

Universalgrammar… 1 Cows ate grass word Indicate relate inform function Earlyflow midflow lateflow meaningflow More than one past one number/time 2 Plu fe-bovi pa vora u gra Bovoj mangxis herbon 3 Grass was eaten by cows Indicate relate inform Lateflow midflowreversed early flow one past more than one 4 U gra pa gene vora per plu fe-bovi (Ugene gra pa vora plu bovi) move…….. Herbon mangxis bovoj 5 man gave grass to cows indicate relate inform1
inform2 earlyflow midflow lateflow exflow one past morethanone one 6 u andro pa dona gra a plu bovi viro donacis herbon al bovoj
to cows grass was given by man a plu bovi gra gene dona per andro al bovoj herbon donacis apud viro

time seems to be very important and the arrangement of midflow parts seems to govern how a sentence is built. we have earlyflow->midflow->lateflow or lateflow<-midflowreversed<-earlyflow with some way of indicating reverse.

in 3 and 4,we have reverseflow. lateflow and earlyflow are exchanged but in the english and glosa the midflow becomes rather complex whereas the esperanto midflo is left in its simple form - points in favour of esperanto and against
the other two languages. the simple form has an additional advantage; in english we read ‘grass# and assume that we have earlyflow, we read the comlex midflow and find we have to revise our assumption to esperanto we know immediately that the flow direction has been reversed. a cerain amount of brain buzzing has led to a further rethink so I shall leave this as it is and the rethink will follow …….

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