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Re: [glosalist] Glosa on web (sydpidd@...) on September 21, 2005

try again!!!!!!!!!!!

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On the NeT there is still an attempt of mine to tabulate the usage of Glosa . .

I should like to see , where possible, at the bottom of most glosalist contributions, a list of web addresses pointing to robin’s tabulation and other articles that would guide beginners and visitors to use glosa. several people have been but had very little help.

glosa is not alone. I decided some weeks ago to look at esperanto, I made several enquiries about buying material etc. after about 3 months, i managed

to have my local library find teach yourself espareanto which I borrowed but so

far it has been difficult to get anywhere. looking back at gloas , i would have much the same problems I suspect so - wanted - a list of glosa sites …. (again) syd

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