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Re: [glosalist] Moses

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on May 21, 2003

Gary R Miller grafo, 2003-05-18:

Things have been slow lately. This is not good for the newcomers.
So, after finishing something for my daughters, I worked up an internet presentation of it. …

Nu u dokumenta Moses.doc (pro MS Word, ex Gary) es epi: .

Id habe fo kali pro plu infanti, mi puta. Gratia a Gary.

Kura: pre vi pote lekto id; vi nece face un “Yahoo profile” e po-co “sign in”.

[The file Moses.doc (for MS Word, by Gary) is now on http://groups… It looks very nice for children, I think. Thanks to Gary. Attention: before you can read it, you have to make a “Yahoo profile” and then “sign in”.]

Saluta ex Marcel.

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