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Re: [glosalist] Sound "U" in Glosa

Lluís Batlle (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Llu=EDs_Batlle?= <viriketo@...>) on July 15, 2005

*** Basically NO! However, Ron Clark died with his gift to the world s= till a work in progress.

Yesterday at e-novosti forum someone who = call himself “okruzhor” has started “Glerus”, the Glosa-based language pr= oject. The reason was “They don’t allow to modify Glosa’s rules, but we d= on’t like many of ones which exist in the current language version, so we= have to found our proper project”. I don’t misdoubt that the project i= s only botchery :-), but “basically no!” is very-very-very bad politics. =

Sure. Very bad.

I can give the example of “loglan” and lojban. By now, t= here are much more speakers of lojban than those of loglan. I cite from Wik= ipedia, but surely you may be able to find more faithful sources: http://en= A Washington DC splinter group, which = later formed The Logical Language Group, LLG, decided in 1986 to remake the= entire vocabulary of Loglan in order to evade Dr. Brown’s claim of copyrig= ht to the language. After a lengthy battle in court, his claim to copyright= was ruled invalid. By then, though, the new vocabulary was already cemente= d as a part of the new language, which was called Lojban: A realization of = Loglan by its supporters.

In fact it was considered that if the vocabulary= of the language is different from another, that’s enough for considering i= t “another language”, so, not violating the copyrights.

I fear it’s the op= posite of the actual case (sure we wouldn’t immitate the grammar with other= words ;).

Look at Esperanto - in 1892 it was only Zamenhof’s suggest= ion, open for modifications, and now it is the most successful conlang wi= th millions of speakers.

Well, there is the ‘foundation’, which is “un= touchable” by now. :) But if someone makes a modification of Esperanto, (as= Ido may be), noone complains. :) Let there be other languages, deriving fr= om other ones. It’s always been like this, isn’t it? ;)


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