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Re: [glosalist] itdg

Robin Fairbridge Gaskell (Robin Fairbridge Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on February 19, 2005

At 02:04 AM 2/17/05, Sid Pidd grafo:

u seqe sio interese Robin . Darfur es mo de plu maxi sika mero de Sudan - so sika ke plu_kron u pluvi du kade pro solo bi horo in u holo anua . U-la es solo 40mm de pluvi te ultima panto u anua (in u UK, na du gene u medio de 1,200mm) . Plu famili in Sudan du akti panto-ra mu es pote, te kresce sati sito te vora sed minus pluvi, id du marce e du morta - e plu persona du pluso morta . Sed uno-ra du acide. plu pusi longi kumu de geo du feno . Mu du kurva trans u landa e du morfo plu kresce - e intra u singu kurva, plu karpe du kresce, kloro e ko sani, mega sati te dona_sito_a u famili u panto anua . Plu-ci longi geo kumu du gene voci plu pusi-plati-lo e singu du morfo u kresce . U simpli forma ke du tena u fo-gravi aqa e du pulsa u famina apo . vi du pote te auxi hetero famili te stru mo ko ITDG .

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Hi Sid and Friends, I did get the idea that there was very little rain in the Sudan, and also, that there was a food which grew quickly on the small, annual rainfall.

But I don't know if the food is a fish or a plant, such as sea-weed.

Who, or what, is ITDG?   I would say that in Glosa 'redundancy' ought  to be increased, and should either be added to the sentence to ensure that  the meaning is clear; or it can be given as extra description.

It is still my understanding that metaphor ought to be avoided in  Glosa, unless it is very clear that a 'figure of speech' is intended.  The  sentence I found a bit difficult was,

U simpli forma ke du tena u fo-gravi aqa e du pulsa u famina apo .

[the simple form that is holding the very important water and is pushing hunger away]


U-ci simpli bio-forma tena u fo gravi aqa, e permite plu persona te  evita famina.

[this simple life-form holds (the) very important water, and allows the people to avoid hunger]

I thought that “push hunger away” was a bit too high-flown and poetic for the normal, descriptive use of a bridge language.



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