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Nomina es ge-salva

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on March 19, 2004

                                          [Glosa seqe ###.] 

Unfortunately the had come into the trade war between the European provider Strato and its American partner NSI. Strato wanted to quit the partnership, so NSI fighted back and kept all the international domains of Strato (also and made a lot of trouble to their owners.

Meanwhile these problems are solved. But it took a lot of reading of small writing, telephone calls, telefaxes, emails and four months till it was done. Otherwise the name would have been lost. Now I am happy, that will continue to exist.

Thanks to all Glosa friends, especially Gary, Robin and Wendy for their sympathy and their offer to help me.


Mali-fortuna u domi-pagina pra gene ad-in milita inter Europa inter-reti firma Strato e id socia NSI ex USA. Strato pa volu fini u societa, seqe-co NSI pa lukta retro e pa tena panto internatio domi-pagina de Strato (plus e pa sti poli turba a plu proprie-pe de mu.

Tem-co plu-ci problema es ge-solve. Sed mi pa nece poli lekto pusi grafo, telefono-dice, plu telefax, plu elektroni-grama e tetra meno a-kron id pa gene fini. Hetero-co u nomina sio es ge-lose.
Nu mi hedo: fu dura existe.

Gratia a panto Glosa ami, speciali Gary, Robin e Wendy de mu simpati e mu ofere auxi mi.

Saluta ex Marcel

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