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Re: [glosalist] Hello! Saluton! Ciao! Sziasztok!

Manuel Pavón Valderrama (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Manuel_Pav=F3n_Valderrama?= <cp46tan@...>) on March 13, 2004

friend friend pa grafo:


I’m Peter from Hungary, I’m Esperantist= and I’d like to learn Glosa. Who can help me? Thank you

I think t= hat we all can help you. This e-mail list is the right place to do questio= ns about glosa. If you want to learn Glosa, maybe you should read the “18 = steps”, available at the Glosa web page:

and= when you have some basic knowledge of the language, you could try to read= our messages to this list, and also some parallel text as:

http://glosa.o= rg/en/gtexte.htm

The bad thing is that most of the current glosa learning = material is in english!

Kura; tu fu vale. Manuel.


Mi estas = Petro de Hungario. Mi estas Esperantisto kaj mi volus lerni la lingvon Glo= sa. Kiu povas helpi min? Dankegon


sono Peter dall’Ungheria, so= no esperantisto e vorrei studiare la lingua Glosa. Chi puo’ aiutarmi? Gra= zie


P=E9ter vagyok Magyarorsz=E1gr=F3l. Eszperantista vag= yok, =E9s szertn=E9m megtanulni a Glos=E1t. Ki tud seg=EDteni? K=F6sz=F6n= =F6m

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