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Paloma de madera, paloma torcas

Mario Montijo ("Mario Montijo" <mariomontijo@...>) on March 10, 2004

Maya Nara 3

U xilo avi Uno kron il pa es u koragi e dina milita pe. An pa = hedo ki de casa e freqe pa case dia plu dendro poste plu zoa. In mo de an = case iti an pa veni ad u limno e pro an mega subito pa vide u fo kali gina= ante an, du remi u navi. U milita pe pa este ta ge amo ke an pa re veni a= d u auto topo in poli okasio ko u spe de vide fe itera. Id pa es holo in = vani, holo an pa vide pa es u splendi plu hidro de u limno. Po-co an pa ce= rka konsili de u fe magika-pe qi pa dice an: =96Tu nuli kron fu vide fe it= era si ne tu auto deveni in u avi.=96 =96Mi solo volu vide fe itera!=96 =96= Si tu deveni u avi tu nuli kron re gene tu humani morfo.=96 =96Mi solo volu= vide fe itera!=96 =96Si u-la es qod tu volu tu fu habe tu desira=96 E u fe= magika-pe pa aku u akanta in an kolo e ko u-la u ju-pe deveni u avi. An p= a vola ana e pa ki ad u limno e sto supra u rami. Po u pusi tem an pa vide= u gina e no abili de auto sto, pa kade a fe pedi e pa karesa fe kilo kron= . U gina kapti an in fe manu e du simpati an, pa apo u akanta de an kolo. = Fe nuli-tem pa debi face id!. U avi pa lase klina an kefa e pa kade ge mor= ta. Du vide u-ci, u gina, in fe no-spe pa aku se u auto akanta in fe kolo= e imedia pa deveni u avi. De u-la di a fu-tem fe pa lamenta u morta de fe= avi.


THE WOOD PIGEON Once upon a time there was a brave and strong warrior. H= e loved to go hunting and often chased through the woods after animals. On= one of his hunting trips he reached a lake and to his great surprise saw = a beautiful woman before him, rowing a boat. The warrior fell so much in = love that he returned to the same spot on many occasions in the hope of se= eing her again. It was all in vain, however, as all he saw were the gleami= ng waters of the lake. Thus, he sought advice from a witch, who told him: = =96You will never see her again unless you turn yourself into a dove.=96 = =96I only want to see her again!=96 =96If you become a dove you will never = regain your human form.=96 =96I only want to see her again!=96 =96If that i= s what you want you shall have your desire.=96 And the witch thrust a thorn= into his neck and with that the young man became a dove. He flew up and w= ent to the lake and settled on a branch. After a little while he saw the w= oman and, unable to contain himself, he lay down by her feet and caressed = her a thousand times. The woman took him in her hands and, petting him, to= ok out the thorn from his neck. She should never have done it! The dove dr= opped his head and collapsed dead. Seeing this, the woman, in desperation =

thrust the same thorn into her neck and at once became a dove. From that = day on she has mourned the death of her dove ing/legends/default.htm

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