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bibli "Español - Glosa 1000"

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on March 6, 2004

                                                [Glosa seqe ###.] 

Now (nearly) the complete book(let) “Espa�ol - Glosa 1000” is online available.

The book comes in three slices:

Readers can click there also coming from the Spanish “short information” ( ).

To esintra.htm:

As I know the other GEO publications, also “Espa�ol - Glosa 1000” will be full of errors. Any help or comments to this file will be welcome.

Unfortunately I do not speak Spanish. So I made some comments (writing in green color) to the text in Glosa. If you think, this is unreasonable for Spanish readers, I could exchange them with English ones or - if someone would translate them - with Spanish ones.

To estextu.htm:

There is a part of the novel “El sombrero de tres picos” by P. A. de Alarc�n, psalm 23 and a text recently posted here in Glosalist.

The texts are in parallel columns Glosa-Spanish.

Thanks to Mario Montijo for his friendly and swift help!

Greetings to all - Marcel

[Glosa textu:]

Nu (proxi) holo (pusi) bibli “Espa�ol - Glosa 1000” es in inter-reti.

U bibli gene monstra in tri mero:

Plu lekto-pe pote klik a la plus; kron mu veni ex Espa�ol “brevi info” ( ).

De esintra.htm:

Mi ski plu hetero GEO publika-ma, so sura “Espa�ol - Glosa 1000” es ple de plu ero. Ali auxi alo komenti fu es ge-bene-veni.

Mali-fortuna mi ne pote dice Espa�ol. So mi pa face uno komenti (grafo per kloro kroma) a textu in Glosa. Si tu doxo: u-ci ne dona sati a plu Espa�ol lekto-pe, mi sio pote kambio mu per plu English komenti alo - si uno-pe sio translati mu - per Espa�ol komenti.

De estextu.htm:

Il es mero de novela “El sombrero de tres picos” ex P. A. de Alarc�n, psalmus 23 e mo textu; qi pa gene bali ci a Glosalist recento.

Plu textu habe paraleli kolumna Glosa-Espa�ol.

Gratia a Mario Montijo de an amo e tako auxi!

Saluta a panto-vi ex Marcel

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