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Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on April 7, 2003

Dear Glosists,

I may be a little new at this, but I would like to say something about this business with Jay and Charles.

There should be only one thing that keeps people in this group: an interest in Glosa.

It has to be this way. As a speaker of English, I cannot say, “I heard a dirty joke in English; I don’t like dirty jokes, so I’m never going to speak English again.”

Glosa can translate anything. That means in the future Glosa will be communicating sadness, errors, hate, and even immorality.

Jay and Charles, if you are not interested in Glosa, why should you stay in this group? But if you think you need to leave for any other reason, please don’t.

Mi nu posi es sub neo de u-ci, anti-co mi volu dice uno-ra de u-ci pragma inter Jay e Charles.

Debi es solo mo pragma; qi tena plu homi in u-ci grega: un interese de Glosa.

U-ci debi es so. Homo loqi-pe de England-lingua, mi ne sio posi dice: “Mi pa audi u no-deko joko per England-lingua–Mi ne este un amo de panto no-deko joko, ka-co mi fu dice per England-lingua nuli-kron.”

Glosa posi akti plu translati de ali-ra. U-ci habe u semani: in fu-tem, Glosa fu akti plu komunika de tristi, ero, malo e klu no-deko.

Jay e Charles: si vi ne este un interese de Glosa, qo-ka vi sio du resta in u-ci grega? Anti-co, si vi du puta; vi nece linqi id kausa ali hetero pragma, place ne linqi.

Saluta, _ _ /. Gary #/# ###

P.S. U mega gratia a Marcel de an ergo de PDF-morfo de GID!

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