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Plu histori de Bio (3/3)

Mario Montijo ("Mario Montijo" <mariomontijo@...>) on February 22, 2004


Qe Nati-di?

Pa setimana =D6hmen pa celebra an sixa nati-di. = Sed an ne logi id. Kron na pa dice an ke pa es an nati-di, prima an ne pa = kredi, sed seqe an pa es fo felici!. An pa dromo peri, pa du dice a pan-pe= , ke nu an have six anua.

An plus, pa cepti u pusi doro de u infanti-hort= i, uno-ra qi panto infanti cepti api mu nati-di, sed mi, nuli-tem ge-vide = fo mega hedo in oku de u infanti!

No existe oligo religio logika, pro ne = du celebra an narti-di. Solo es ke an famili ne cura de an.

Nara ex KATHR= IN

martin_bode@… =


Last week =D6hmed had his 6th birthday. But he didn’t know th= at. When we told him that it is his birthday, he first didn’t believe it = but then he was so happy! He run around telling everybody that he is six = years old now. He also got a little present from the kindergarten, somethi= ng every child gets at his/her birthday, but I’ve never seen so much joy i= n the eyes of a child! There are no religious reasons for not celebrating= his birthday. Fact is that his family doesn’t take care about him.

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Plu histori de Bio (3/3) - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.