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Re: [glosalist] GID in PDF

William W Patterson (William W Patterson <ailanto@...>) on March 31, 2003

Je mardo, 1 aprilo 2003 00:41:50 +0200, Marcel skribis:

… (Hi Bill, I got 70 “notification mails” for that, one for each uploaded file, a service of Yahoo.)

Teehee, I was careful to not check the notify-everybody box, but I didn’t know that it automagically notifies the list owner! Reasonable, I suppose, but really, I didn’t mean to flood your mailbox!

I also downloaded a few of those files later to make sure they transferred okay; it was fun leafing through those old messages. I’d forgotten about some of Glosa’s dictionary idiosyncracies, like lots of words for boggy, marshy, wet woodland places but no word for boots or socks or some kind of footwear (I forget which) that I thought would have been useful in such places. And I still suspect that a language which has a special word for “big breasts” (BUMASTA) must reveal some psychological insight about its creator! And then there was the “mad rabbi raging” phrase that has stuck in my mind ever since; perhaps due to a typo, or maybe a scanning error, RABI was defined by those three words in the original file; I decided that “rabbi” was meant to be “rabid”, then it all made sense.

Saluta, salata, vale… Bill

– William W. Patterson xyzzy!

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