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[Jay:] Re: Robin please unsubscribe me...

Zeta - old glosalist ("Zeta - old glosalist" <zeta@...>) on March 31, 2003

From: “Marcel Springer” <marcel@…>

I am really sorry about that. My comment was stupid and I really want to apologize for it.

And I thank you for this. I appreciate your honesty and it’s time to move on. Agreed?

You both have much in common: you both love auxlangs, you both have helped Glosa, you both have another favourite auxlang than Glosa, and

  • that is sad, but seems unchangeable - you both hate each other. I think, all that is okay.

Not quite okay. I don’t “hate” Charles. I hate his use of vulgarity and his insults against folks on this list. Not just me. If anyone else exhibited this kind of behavior I’d voice my complaint against them also. I feel that there was no need of it on this list.

I ask both of you, please stop it. I would be very happy, if noone of you will answer this letter with explanations, that the other is the “perpetrator” and so on.

I guess a lot depends on Robin… He is the administrator of this list. I suggest he reform the list. By this I suggest that he move the group over to something like Yahoo!Groups and automatically put all members now on Zeta on to Yahoo… and if anyone wants to they can unsubscribe a lot easier than from

Since, Jay B.

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