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[Anthony:] Re: The List - U Lista

Marcel Springer ("Marcel Springer" <zeta@...>) on March 30, 2003


Well, I can say with all certainty that web users won’t unsubscribe if they’re not getting anything by email. They’ll just stop using the web site which means that active members would presumably be less than the total number of members. But we can make the Yahoo! group more interesting by using the other functions available to us. An example would be to place scans of the Glosa books in the photo section and links to other Glosa web sites in the Links section.

Anyway, I’ll be unsubscribing this list following the sending of this email. C’yall in the new Yahoo! list.

Saluta Anthony

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Building upon your thought (gee, am I plagiarizing again?) this means that with Yahoo! they will be less likely to unsubscribe, since they have the option of disabling email and only checking in when they feel like it.

Salata, Bill

– William W. Patterson If you’ve got a /misc, do you really need any other directories?

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