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Re: Robin please unsubscribe me! (Re: The List - U Lista)

Marcel Springer ("Marcel Springer" <marcel@...>) on March 30, 2003

Dear Jay and Charles,

Jay wrote,

Marcel, This is uncalled for, I see my name is again badmouthed on this list and I really wish this be stopped. I’ve not used vulgarities, …

I am really sorry about that. My comment was stupid and I really want to apologize for it.

You both have much in common: you both love auxlangs, you both have helped Glosa, you both have another favourite auxlang than Glosa, and

With my silly joke (“”) I just wanted to say, that I cannot understand, why grown-up people who hate each other cannot communicate directly without misusing a public mailing-list for it. Or better, why don’t they simply avoid each other? Again: sorry for it. I did not want to offend any of you both. War-time and hate-time is not joke-time, we do not need awkward jokes but understanding, peace and love. And for that we need a world language for better communication very quickly!

I ask both of you, please stop it. I would be very happy, if noone of you will answer this letter with explanations, that the other is the “perpetrator” and so on.

Glosalist has problems enough: If we stay at, we will loose members by virus attacks. If we change over to another provider, we will loose members, because not everyone feels like passing a new register procedure. Glosa will lose anyway. Please do not make it worse.

I now have started to forward manually all mails of glosalist@… to yahoo. So if you read you will be virus-free, you will not miss a message, but you will have a delay.

Sad, that the new archive started with personal attacks already.

Saluta - Marcel

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