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Glosa e-books project

Marcos Cruz (Marcos Cruz <yahoogroups@...>) on December 8, 2018


Qe uno-pe ci nu du interese alo aktivi pro Glosa?

Id feno; mi pa proto disci u lingua kron bi-ze anua tro tardi…

Well, beside the usual 18 Steps and Basic Reference, I’ve read also most of the recent issues of Plu Glosa Nota available for downloading, parts of the older ones (even before the change to phonetic spelling!); and the short documents about the language, from the Glosalist files. I’m reading also the interesting parts of the old Glosalist archives.

Mi nu hedo; Marcel Springer pa du tena, in, poli dokumenta; qi interese e funktio pro ski u lingua e id histori. Mi nu gratia an e plus plu homi; qi pa grafo e translati plu textu tem poli anua, klu plu Glosa autori.

I’be been preparing e-books from the following contents:

I started working with the documents in order to make the texts easier to use. But I think the EPUB, PDF and other target formats may be useful for others too. It’s kind of public Glosa preservation project.

Mi nu tende de publiki plu-la projekti a GitHub, sed proto mi nu volu de petitio plu doxo.

As of the language itself, I think Glosa has many nice features, but, unfortunately, also several obvious problems – by design. But more on that any other day.


– [Mi nu disci Glosa. Place korekti mi plu lingua ero. Gratia.]

Marcos Cruz

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Glosa e-books project - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.