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Plu Glosa Nota

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on March 7, 2018

Hallo all,

Now also issues 42-71 of Plu Glosa Nota, the Glosa newspaper, can be read online. Please have a look at .

Many thanks to Edmund Grimley Evans who provided the material and did the scanning work.

It is the biggest chunk of Glosa stuff going online on one single day ever, I believe.

Missing is number 44. Does anyone have it? The older issues (1-36+38-40) would also be welcome. Please contact me. Thanks in advance.

Have fun reading PGN, all the best for you and kind regards



Ave panto-pe, Nu plus plu numera 42-71 de Plu Glosa Nota, u Glosa nova papira, pote gene lekto epi inter-reti. Place vide . Poli gratia a Edmund Grimley Evans; qi pa provide u-ci materi e pa skana id. Id es u maxi mega kolekti de Glosa materi; qi pa ki ad-in inter-reti tem solo mo di, mi kredi. U numera 44 minus. Qe ali-pe habe id? Plus plu ma paleo numera (1-36+38-40) sio gene bene-vide. Place grafo a mi. Gratia pre. Habe hedo ko lekto PGN, panto boni pro vi e saluta Marcel

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