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Hogben's "Interglossa"

William W Patterson (William W Patterson <esperantisto@...>) on January 1, 2004

Santa left a scanner this year, and I can think of only one reason for him to do that… It must be time to scan Hogben’s “Interglossa” that John Schilke sent me a year or so ago! Only twenty or so pages so far (1-19,42,43):

Does anybody have a good scan of the Hogben photo on the bio page? I could monkey around with my scanner settings a bit and see if I can improve my scan, but I know I’ve seen that pic before on the Web. I just can’t find it today…

Later, Bill

– William W. Patterson - kaj Ankau vizitu - esperantumante tra Ameriko! Bonvolu sendi por la pordisto, estas rano en mia bideo!

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Hogben's "Interglossa" - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.