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Re: 1000 glosa words

alinimah ("alinimah" <alinimah@...>) on June 22, 2013

Dear friend This is defect in great glosa ! sooner you’ll need more words = , so you’ll need the big bad wolf gid! which gives you for one meaning 3 wo= rds! e.g nima , nomina; lexa, verba ; one greek(preferred?!!), the other la= tin! alas! Wendy and Ron Clark(whom I adore, as creators) made errors( I= created glisa, a better glosa): 1-choose greek OR latin words 2- use la a= nd un (the , a english); using u, un as an article to only to indicate the = noun following is illogical) 3- using possessive pron. same as subject pron= oun and suffix for gender! better el=3Dshe, -fe as feminine 4-using possess= ives : ela bibli=3Dher .. 5-using ordinals : bi=3D two, bia=3Dsecond, usabl= e before noun

6- removal of “-“: bibli-vende-fe :bookseller girl 7- not us= ing plu AWAY fom noun: plu cina kali boni gina ; better cina kali boni pi = gina !

You, dearest, can find other defects: Like natural languages, none = dare change it :-( Glosa is defective, simple And complicated glosa!!!

= tu ami myaleee

— In, “OzymandiusRex” <tbc3@…=


Is there a list of only the official Centra Glosa words? I kno= w there are lists that have these words within but I am not wild about digg= ing through them to find these words. Could we come up with a recommended s= et of word to use? to teach? I am working on spreading the word but there a= re a lot of dictionaries out there…



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