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Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on February 27, 2013

Karo plu Glosa-pe,

Un holo bibli =E2=80=9CInterglossa=E2=80=9D ex Lancelo= t Hogben, 1943 nu es epi inter-reti:

M= ega gratia a publika-an e arti-an John R. Kay de an eforti e de u-ci mega d= ona-ra pro na!

Saluta a panto-pe - Marcel

John pa grafo:

“… = the auxiliary language proposed by Lancelot Hogben, Interglossa.

When I fi= rst got hold of the Pelican book with this title I was intrigued by the ide= a of using internationally accepted roots as the basis of an uninflected au= xiliary language. Occasionally I still leaf through it.

I own two copies o= f this paperback and sadly they were printed during the austerity stricture= s of wartime publication and the quality has let them down badly. Not only = have the pages become detached from their animal glued spines but the paper= has obviously been whitened with a rather invasive type of bleach which me= ans that the pages themselves are in a process of self-destruction, falling= readily into tiny flakes upon handling.

It seems that the fact that it is= seldom mentioned as being available as an out-of-print book is due to the = fact that there are few copies still extant. I fear for those copies lodged= in the National Archive as well.

Feeling that it was a pity to let an aca= demic definitive study get lost to posterity I have reconstructed the volum= e by painstakingly OCRing each page and incorporating it in a new digital f= ormat and from that printed and bound a sort of facsimile volume. I have ch= ecked with Pearsons (who have taken over Penguin Books) and they have assur= ed me that they have no plans to republish this book so I assume that there=

are few objections to me doing so as it would be well out of copyright.

.= ..

PDF …, I can’t however be thoroughly confident that there are no typo= s in it, it really needs a good fussy sub editor to check it. If anyone wan= ts to print it out themselves it’ll cost them a bit in paper and ink. I can= supply them with a copy at cost that is =C2=A310 per copy to cover paper, = ink and time plus the postage (whatever that comes to nowadays). … If any= one wants a hard copy, it will just take a few days for me to turn it out. =

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