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Re: official descriptions of the Glosa language

Kim ("Kim" <kimesperanto@...>) on January 29, 2013

Karo Tom,

I can respond to your question about obtaining the 18 steps bo= ok. I had recently asked this of Marcel Springer. Here are my question an= d his reply:


1) In “18 Steps to Fluency in Euro-Glosa”, you menti= on that the HTML version is not the whole book. … I see it is $53.00 = on (kind of pricey for me), …

[Marcel] I would not recomm= end the paper version. It is definitely not worth $53. All important thin= gs are in the web version.

“18 Steps” are from an earlier stage of Glosa = development, so there are contradictions to other vocabulary lists. So I d= id not include these lists into the online-18Steps and referred to the GID = and wrote that the online-version is not complete.

The online-version pro= vides some improvements and corrections by Nick Hempshall and other Glosa-p= e. These corrections are approved by Wendy Ashby. So the online-version i= s somehow “better” than the original.

You saw, the book has exercises. I= n the paper version, the solutions of these exercises are at the end of the= book, in the web-version they are directly alongside of the exercises. We= ndy Ashby and some other Glosa-pe do NOT like this change. I think, it fit= s more for reading on a monitor.

The best way to buy Glosa books, is to w= rite directly to Wendy Ashby and put the money into the envolope. [end Marc= el]

Her mailing address is available on But based o= n the above, I decided to print the online version instead.

Saluta! Kim

= — In, Tom Cook wrote:

Saluta Glosa-pe

= I would like to ask if there is a way we might organize at least a sugge= stion committee. I feel while the language is one of the best ideas for a= n interlanguage that has been put forth, I still have a few ideas about G= losa in general. I like some of the other ideas that have been introduced= as well (the imperative tense for one.) It would be great if we might s= ee how some of these ideas could be tested and then shown to Wendy. Not a= governing body per se rather a suggestion box type thing. if nothing els= e to start discussions.

Also I was wondering how one could get a copy = of the 18 steps book.

I am working on getting the Glosa dictionary in= to a flash card type program. Once I get the words entered I could make i= t available if anyoone would be interested.


Tom Cook


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Re: official descriptions of the Glosa language - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.