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official descriptions of the Glosa language

Kim ("Kim" <kimesperanto@...>) on January 23, 2013

Karo glosa-pe,

I have just finished “18 Steps”. Below is the first of man= y questions. I’ll try to keep to one concept per thread. Most of these in= volved small obstacles to my learning – I would very much like to improve = the experience for future learners. And I would be willing to spend some t= ime towards that end. :)

I have seen (and Marcel Springer has acknowledged= by email) that there are many contradictions among the various Glosa learn= ing materials on the web. “18 Steps” (the HTML page) is “THE official desc= ription of Glosa”. Marcel has also mentioned that additional text in vario= us Plu Glosa Nota editions also have the status of ‘official’ (although I’m= not sure which). These seem very clear statements, and so unless advised = otherwise, I’ll take these to be the defining docs.

I managed to read less= -than-official docs before “18 Steps”. Also, there are many years of writi= ngs available, exhibiting perhaps the rules of the day. Both of these caus= ed me much initial confusion, and I had to unlearn what I thought were rule= s.

If any in the community feel there are other official documents I shoul= d be aware of, please advise. For example, are there any updates planned f= or “18 Steps”? It sounds like some of you are in contact with Wendy Ashby =

One reason this matters to me is that I w= ant to be able to correctly understand Glosa text I read. I’d like to know= when something I read contains an error. I see that I am not alone in thi= s - I noticed that there were many editorial corrections within “18 Steps” = itself. Another reason is that if I should undertake any Glosa writing pro= jects, I would want to be using the language correctly and with good style.= I also recognize that some things are matters of correctness, while other= s are matters of good vs questionable style. I am interested in both, with= indications of whether a statement is a rule, or a good-style guide.

I am= grateful for any discussion, thoughts, concerns. Recapping in brief:

Gratia e Saluta! Kim

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official descriptions of the Glosa language - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.