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Cisco Kid 41

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on October 22, 2012

He was gone half an hour for his tobacco. > An es ab la de nikotini un hemi horo.

When he returned Tonia was still lying in the hammock.

Kron an re-veni, Tonia ankora kumbe in kli.

"It's funny," said the Kid, "how I feel. > U Juve-an dice: "Es no-norma, mi este tali mode.

“I feel like there was somebody lying behind every bush and tree waiting to shoot me.

“Mi este; es uno-pe de fusili anti mi po panto mikro e mega dendro.

“I never had mullygrubs like them before.

“Mi zero-kron habe tali pre-fobo pre nu-tem.

“Maybe it’s one of them presumptions.

“Posi, u-ci es u pre-este.

“I’ve got half a notion to light out in the morning before day.

“Mi habe un hemi idea; sti kine ex ci kron matina pre di-foto.

“The Guadalupe country is burning up about that old Dutchman I plugged down there.”

“U Guadalupe area habe excite de u-la no-juve Nederland-an, mi pa fusili la.”

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