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Cisco Kid 32

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on August 5, 2012

"You used to think right much of him," said Sandridge. > Sandridge dice: "= Tu pa veri doxo mega taxo de an."

Tonia dropped the lariat, twisted herse= lf around, and curved a lemon-tinted arm over the ranger's shoulder. > Toni= a lase; u korda kade, e moti u sub citrona-kroma braki epi skapa de polica-= an.

"But then," she murmured in liquid Spanish, "I had not beheld thee, t= hou great, red mountain of a man! > Fe no-voci dice per kali Espa=F1a lingu= a: "Anti-co mi ne pa vide tu, tu mega rubi monti ex andro!

“And thou art k= ind and good, as well as strong.

“Plus-co tu es gluko e justi, plus forti= .

“Could one choose him, knowing thee?

“Qe pe posi elekti an, tem ski tu= ?

“Let him die; for then I will not be filled with fear by day and night l= est he hurt thee or me.”

“Lase; an gene morta. Kausa-co mi ne fu es ple = ko fobo, si an ne akti noku anti tu alo mi.”

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