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Localhosed (Localhosed <localhosed@...>) on May 8, 2012

forgot to mention : eastern, western etc : I guess it’s possible to use “de est, de ocide”, et cetera, but I think the definition of these direction words (est, ocide, sud, nord) might be able to include “eastern, easterly, or maybe even eastward, but that may benefit most from a separate phrase since it indicates movement. Ka, what is the difference in meaning (and not cultural usage) between ‘eastern border, easterly border, east border’ ? But i don’t know how languages other than english handle simlar words so I don’t know if there would be much conflict there. I don’t think it would necessarily help to add eastward and similar words, since to me “est” covers that pretty well and it can be used in phrases to help clarify related meanings. I guess.

I am confused a little because I see now that Centra includes this :

nord - north

sud - south; southern

est - east

ocide - west; western; occidental

After I wrote the following paragraph I noticed that Mega GID includes some more of these kind of words. I was going to suggest that austra/boreo/orienta could be used to refer to global area, while the short english-similar ones in Centra can refer to more local area, but there’s the problem with ueste conflicting with “u est [..]” and being very similar to est. On that topic, I wonder why ad is so close to ab, seems like it might be confusing (especially in dangerous and noisy situations), though the consonants are somewhat different, I wonder if a slightly altered word would help in place of either of them, if possible, without losing recognizability of the root. I think it has been discussed?

I like Mega GID’s alternative word “orienta” for east, but I guess that it wasn’t included with Centra because it might be confused with the other english definition of orient, meaning “to move, adjust”. I also don’t know how the roots of orient and occident are treated in other languages. But I like orient, it is informative for purposes of learning roots. I don’t know how confusing it could be if east and west included ‘oriental and occidental’ meanings. Most of the time east and west would be used relative to shorter distance area than the whole earth, so maybe mention of oriental and occidental could be only in the Mega GID? But since glosa is meant to be an IAL, the ideas might be used often enough that people would want them in Centra.

Saluta, Vale, Ultima Koku de Bovi

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