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Cisco Kid 21

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on April 15, 2012

The Kid turned the speckled roan's head up the ten-mile pear flat that stretches along the Arroyo Hondo until it ends at the Lone Wolf Crossing of the Frio. > U Juve-an tropi u kefa de rubi-makula equs a 15-kilometra plano-lo ex kaktus longi fluvi-lo Hondo, a-kron id fini topo trans-lo Solo Lupus de fluvi Frio.

The roan whickered; for he had a sense of locality and direction equal to that of a belt-line street-car horse; and he knew he would soon be nibbling the rich mesquite grass at the end of a forty-foot stake-rope while Ulysses rested his head in Circe’s straw-roofed hut.

Un equs mikro-voci, kausa an habe un este de topo e direkti iso de u-la de zona-ge-duce bus. Plus-co id ski; an po mikro tem fu vora u luxu gramini topo fini de 12-metra korda ge-liga ad aku, tem Ulysses somni ko kefa in gramini domi de Circe.

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