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Cisco Kid 14

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on February 26, 2012

As for Tonia, though she sends description to the poorhouse, let her make a millionaire of your fancy.

De Tonia, anti fe feno es ultra deskribe, fe face pluto tu imagina.

Her blue-black hair, smoothly divided in the middle and bound close to her head, and her large eyes full of the Latin melancholy, gave her the Madonna touch.

Fe ciano-melano kapila, iso ge-divide topo meso-kefa, e ge-liga proxi a fe kefa, e ko fe mega oku, plus per Latin-Amerika este, dona a fe u Madonna feno.

As for the humming-bird part of her, that dwelt in her heart;

De u trokili mero de fe, u-la eko in fe kardia.

you could not perceive it unless her bright red skirt and dark blue blouse gave you a symbolic hint of the vagarious bird.

Tu ne pote gene u ski de id, si fe fo-rubi infra-ve e skoto-ciano supra-ve ne dona a tu u sema de u-ci vaga avi.

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