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Cisco Kid 12

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on February 12, 2012

The Cisco Kid was a vain person, as all eminent and successful assassins are, and his bosom would have been ruffled had he known that at a simple exchange of glances two persons, in whose minds he had been looming large, suddenly abandoned (at least for the time) all thought of him.

U Cisco Juve-an es un auto-filo homi, homo panto famo e profito cide-pe. Ex-co an fu este koleri, si an sio ski; kron u-la simpli kambio de vide, bi homi; in bi kefa de qi an pa sti fobo, subito lase (per mini ra, tem lase) panto puta de an.

Never before had Tonia seen such a man as this.

Zero pre kron, Tonia pa vide tali homi.

He seemed to be made of sunshine and blood-red tissue and clear weather.

An feno es ge-krea ex heli foto e rubi hema e klari meteo.

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