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Cisco Kid 4

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on November 25, 2011


Back of the /jacal/ a tremendous forest of bristling pear, twenty feet=

high at its worst, crowded almost to its door.

Post domi u fo-mega kaktu= s-lo, a maxi alti de sixa metra, es proxi a porta.

It was along the bewild= ering maze of this spinous thicket that the speckled roan would bring the K= id to see his girl.

Pa es longi u-la enigma via ex spina densi-lo, u rubi= -makula equs fero u Juve-an tende visita an filo-fe.

And once, clinging li= ke a lizard to the ridge-pole, high up under the peaked grass roof, he had = heard Tonia, with her Madonna face and Carmen beauty and humming-bird soul,= parley with the sheriff’s posse, denying knowledge of her man in her soft = /melange/ of Spanish and English.

Uno-kron, tem ana-tena se, homo u repti= -zoa, alti infra u-la tegu ex gramini, an pa audi, Tonia ko Madonna facia e= Carmen kali dice kon u grega ge-bali ex polica cefa, tem dice; fe ne ski a= uto filo-an per no-voci mixa ex Espa=F1a e England lingua.

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