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sti-mira dice

myaleee n ("myaleee n" <myaleee@...>) on July 24, 2011

“It is not that I am genius; I am definitely more curious and stay with the= problem longer.” - Einstein

Mi ne es intelige-pe; mi es solo ma ski-fil= o e resta ko problema ma longi!

The best advice is this: Don’t take advic= e and don’t give advice. ~ Author Unknown

U maxi konsili es: Ne gene konsi= li e ne dona ali konsili!

“With confidence, you can reach truly amazing he= ights, without confidence, even the simplest accomplishments are beyond you= r grasp.” - Jim Loehr

Ko konfide, tu sio reali poli mira-ra! Minus konfide= , tu sio face maxi simpli ra nuli-mode!

“You can never plan the future by = the past.” - Edmund Burke

“Tu ne pote skema pro fu-tem ex pa-tem!

“When l= ove and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - John Ruskin

Tem amo = e tekno funktio simul, atende u mega grande-ra!

“Most of our obstacles wou= ld melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we make up our minds to w= alk boldly through them.” - Orison Swett Marden

Si tu inkontra un obstakul= a, ne evita id; gene koragi te kine trans id!

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