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Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on July 16, 2011

Karo Glosa-pe-

As a matter of fact, we had this conversation some years ag= o. Faktu, na pa habe u-ci diskusi ante oligo anua.

We decided that PANTO-T= EM is not correct. Na pa decide; PANTO-TEM es no-korekti.

TEM refers to ti= me as a continuous whole. TEM semani; tem iso un holo ra.

KRON refers to t= ime as a certain SPAN of time, not all time. KRON semani; u certa MERO de t= em, sed ne de holo tem.

“Always, forever,” therefore, should be either HOL= O-TEM, “the whole expanse of time,” or PANTO-KRON, “all pieces of time.” Ka= usa-co pe debi dice HOLO-TEM, “un holo longi de tem,” alo PANTO-KRON, “pant= o mero de tem.”

(There is, of course, a slight difference between HOLO-TEM= and PANTO-KRON. HOLO-TEM is probably closer to the English word “forever” = and PANTO-KRON to “all the time”- at least in American English.)

Yes, the = Glosa textbooks have also used PANTO-TEM, but I think PANTO-TEM is illogica= l. Ja, plu Glosa doce bibli pa uti plus PANTO-TEM, anti-co mi doxo; PANTO-T= EM es no-logika.

Saluta, _ _ /. /\ =A0 Gary #

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