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Gaskell Retired -Closing Website

Robin Gaskell (Robin Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on September 26, 2003

Friends, This is not a happy message, nor is it in Glosa.

Owing to financial ineptitude, I am closing half of my Net activity.

I have given away the computer I used for <rgaskell@…>, and that address will go off the air on 1st October.

So will the associated website:

Anyone wishing to copy pages from that site is very welcome to dos, and you have my permission to publish them on your own site. However, some of the forwarding addresses need to be altered, of course: IE put in your own e-address replacing mine.

Sorry about the short notice: meant to send this message earlier; have worries with having to sell the flat I am living in. If all goes well, I will be moving to Lithgow, which is atop the ascarpment behind Sydney, called the Blue Mountains.

I will still operate from the ISP, so will be seeing you. It's just that the original Glosa website will soon be blanking out: Had I forseen such serious consequences of my financial mismanagement, I would have gone into 'miser' mode, and started hoarding my cash.

Off-topic, I plan to follow the idea of setting up as a Net editor, as my retirement enterprise. No matter how big the Net, people will still write clumsy and non-grammatical English. If anyone on this List has any ideas, experience or knowlege of this area, I would appreciate hearing from from you. I have done the one-day extension course from Sydney U. “Introduction to Editing”; this must be followed by the full extension course of one night a week for six weeks. So, the bread and butter of editing will come first; then, with time left over, I will start re-telling some more stories in Glosa, etc.

I am 67, and muddling through with arthritis under control, plus only one stent in the heart; am working hard to avoid getting any more.

Lithgow is three hours by train from Sydney; I will make a weekly pilgrimage to town weekly to visit my brother; also, it has pure air and water, but the winters are cold - though the people are very friendly. It was mainly for cultural reasons that I chose to buy my retirement house in Lithgow.

Not farewell, but a surprise end to my Glosa website!


Robin Gaskell

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