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Re: Wikipedia in Glosa?

Dorothea ("Dorothea" <andoromeda83@...>) on May 23, 2011

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I think somebody should create Wikipedia in Glosa. I hope som= e of you know how to do that (Novial and Occidental has one, why not the am= azing Glosa?)

Dear Richard!

The idea is certainly good, but it will not= be that easy.

Please read here about all the prerequisites: http://meta.w=

To sum the preconditions p= :

  1. Wikipedia still not exists in that language OK!
  2. ISO-3 Code. Difficu= lt but possible.
  3. The language must be sufficiently unique that it could = not coexist on a more general wiki. OK!
  4. The proposal has a sufficient n= umber of living native speakers to form a viable community and audience. (W= ikisource wikis are allowed in languages with no native speakers, although = these should be on a wiki for the modern form of the language if possible.)=

If the proposal is for an artificial language such as Esperanto, it must h= ave a reasonable degree of recognition as determined by discussion (this re= quirement is being discussed by the language committee). Difficult!

Genera= lly Wikipedia is since a few years not so inclined towards constructed lang= uages. Lingua Franca Nova was rejected as candidate some time ago.

Glosa h= as some tradition, so there is a possibility. A kind of community and some = literature (in print) are surely some assets in the process.

If a Wikipedi= a is not appoved, you can at every time create a WikiA like Lingua Franca N= ova.

Greetings Doro

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