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gllosa ma-boni

myaleee n ("myaleee n" <myaleee@...>) on April 28, 2011

Karo Miller I fully agree with style of using a language-it is like a pen, = a child scribbles, Da vinci draws inventions, shakespeare writesgreat play= s; it is a tool with a style! I hope adding 20 words to grammar(impossible = :-)): 1- using pronouns other than fe,an(used also as suffixes); il=3Dhe, e= la-she etc 2- using articles for posession: il da eko=3D his car( or other = than da) 3- using articles for adjecives or present pariciple(why ge- is us= ed agreably for past participle), optional(interese, difere; are okay): la= krima na babi: crying baby

4- using articles for ordinals instead of putti= ng number after name: mon sa, bi sa(first, second) or other than “sa”!


these will never change the isolating feature; simple and few,they’d giv= e clarity and power! Alas impossible!

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